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At Clear Sky Windows we specialize in washing windows. We don't try other things, it's our specialty. Our honest, dependable, and courteous staff will make the experience a pleasure. Our process effectively and safely washes your windows using a "green" cleaner that's safe for pets/plants/people! It leaves glass almost invisible and squeaky to the touch. Truly clean windows! Harsher products are also available if the windows are in need of a very deep clean.

Our process starts with wiping/brushing away any accumulated dirt. We then scrub the window and frame with the solution and specialized wands until drag is no longer felt. If needed we then razor the window and re-wet. Then it's squeegee time! Once the bulk of the water is removed we use surgical grade lint free cloths to touch-up the edges and frames. Triple aught bronze wool is then used to remove any remaining debris. We then inspect the window from multiple angles/levels to ensure a perfect job. A second inspection then occurs at the end of the job during our walk-through with a window cleaner on both sides, as the bane of the window washer is that it's always easier to see the other side of the glass!

We offer various levels of window washing, please see pricing for more information.

We'll beat any professional cleaning quote or invoice!

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